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It is challenging but rewarding. You can make real connections and challenge the young people about how they think and what they want to achieve."


—  FAST Volunteer (over a 18 month period)


What We Do

We create positive relationships and safe spaces where young people develop trust with their peers and adults.  

We provide highly effective diversionary and inspiring activities that build resilience and give young people a hope for the future.

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Kafui CEO (Centre)


With a passion for young people, Kafui has invested over 10 years to this cause. He is a life coach who believes that, by listening and providing the right environment of guidance and support, the youth are destined to flourish.    

Elvin Baffour Youth Worker (Right)


Elvin is a charismatic leader who has the ability to connect with young people from various backgrounds. He believes that support for young people is vital, and is committed to being available to them. His guiding lifelong philosophy is  "it takes a village to raise a child".

Nicholas O'Brien Sport Apprentice (Left)


Having shown tremendous leadership, Nick a previous participant of FAST and a local young person, has been a role model to the younger participants. Dedicated to our mission, he now works with us at FAST.


FAST Values

Working relationally - listening to young people and families within communities and working ‘with them.

Optimistic perspective - choosing to see the best in all stakeholders.

Inclusive and collaborative - embracing all young people, and being open to partner with others to achieve the best results for young people.

Faith based NOT faith biased - inspired by the Christian faith, FAST works equally with young people of all faiths and those with none.

Working holistic - working in multiple contexts to see them physically, socio-emotionally and spiritually healthy

Outcomes focused - working to provide measurable changes for the benefit of young people.

Innovative - working creatively and in original ways to achieve our goals.


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